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The simple and effective way to meet

What makes the Flexi Meeting Different?

Most meeting management systems are focused on a combination of hardware and software. This means that SMEs wanting to use their existing hardware would have to invest in expensive hardware as well as the software package.

Our software package model removes the procurement process of having to buy both hardware and software as well as professional service support for maintenance. Everything is accessible by keying in a URL on your current hardware systems.

Effectively Organise

Clever technology that uses your Smart display to show and organise your meetings everyday. Designed to make a complicated busy day, simple and relaxed.

Stay Informed

Room features (Wifi, projectors, seating capacity) name of company, time, date and availability are shown clearly and efficiently with frequent automatic updates.

Quick, Easy Setup

Install by keying a URL into any Smart display to preview all information required for your day. Accessible anytime to assist a busy day with effective time management.

We understand meeting frustrations from our customers

  • Checking in with receptionists about meetings or receive updates
  • Not knowing exactly where your meeting is being held 
  • Time-consuming planning shuffling through emailed arrangements

You can imagine the frustration of walking to a building your meeting is held in, but there is a queue at reception, or the receptionist is having a break. Your meeting is starting in 5 minutes and you’re unsure of your meeting location.

At Flexi Meeting, we provide a completely customisable, reliable solution.

We provide the solution...

  • Check in easily without relying on a receptionist and view automatic updates
  • Know exactly where your meeting is held with all room features and information
  • Efficient time management and planning with meeting information secured in one place

Not only does Flexi Meeting tell you about your meeting, but it conveniently directs you to the room your meeting is held, cutting any contact time with the receptionist to head straight to your meeting. 

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