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The vision, method and value behind our design of a seamless, economical way to meet.

Why we’re different

Flexi Meeting is designed to sort all your meetings without delay, compromise or hustle. We understand the frustrations surrounding meetings and constantly provide solutions.


Over a decade ago, our founders discovered that the current solutions did not address key factors evolving meeting spaces.

  • 1. Meeting solutions use both hardware and software, meaning, businesses have to invest in expensive equipment.
  • 2. Other software solutions do not provide full visibility and only show individual scheduling. This results in a lack of full meeting room information.
  • 3. Buying process of meeting management software is currently long, expensive and time-consuming with call-outs for maintenance.

Providing the Solution

The Flexi Meeting model achieves the removal of the market challenges to customers.

  • Our product is solely cloud-based software avoiding the requirement for purchasing hardware and maintenance call outs.
  • We provide full visibility on all required information to meet. Eliminating stressful experiences surrounding meetings.
  • We made the buying process of our service simple and effective, with the option to book a demo for your business. We are confident that our product fulfils all meeting needs, without hindrance.

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Becoming a partner of Flexi Meeting means that you can become a re-seller of our service.

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