Transform the way you meet…

The seamless, economical way to visualise your collaboration and meeting room space.

Effectively Visualise

Clever technology that uses your Smart Display to show and organise your meetings every day. Designed to make a complicated busy day, simple and relaxed.

Stay Informed

Room features (Wifi, projectors, seating capacity) name of company, time, date and availability are shown clearly and efficiently with frequent automatic updates.

Quick, Easy Setup

Install by keying a URL into any smart TV to preview all information required for your day. Accessible anytime to assist a busy day with effective time management.

Introducing Flexi Meeting Space

Completely Customisable

Design your meeting board from your branding, welcome messages, floor plans and meeting information to impress and direct guests. Brand management, dashboard customisations can be configured easily to improve your meeting experience.

Focussed Meetings

Time is wasted enquiring details of your meeting from the reception. Flexi Meeting gives you a sense of focus to debrief you on your current and next meetings to keep you well informed and assist in planning your day.

Cloud-based Software

Access your meeting information anytime using any Smart Display. Conveniently positioned anywhere such as your reception/lobby or lift, and accessible at any time to ease your day’s journey structure and time management. No requirement for expensive hardware or installation call-outs as we make the smart and real-time visualisation affordable.

An exceptional meeting software developed for you

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